Achieving adoption of your Internal Developer Platform

Aaron Erickson
Co-Founder & CEO Orgspace
Aaron Erickson
Co-Founder & CEO Orgspace
October 6, 2022
5:00 pm
Mission District, San Francisco, CA

How can you ensure adoption of your Internal Developer Platform? Should you mandate that people use it... or is there a better way? How do you make sure important stakeholders are aligned? How do you keep people invested in the platform’s success? If you’ve built an Internal Developer Platform before, you’ve likely asked (or answered!) these questions before. We invite you to bring your stories — both the good and the bad — to share with the community.

During this roundtable, we’ll discuss:

  • Selling your Internal Developer Platform to different stakeholders
  • Balancing tradeoffs between security, cost control, standardization, and meeting developers’ needs
  • Finding budget for your Internal Developer Platform when investment is driven towards growth or cost control

There are no presentations. No product demos. We are looking forward to meeting you in person and having an open conversation with questions, comments and personal experiences. Drinks and delicacies are on us!