Internal developer portal featuring self-serve actions, scorecards and analytics, and a universal catalog.

What is configure8?

configure8 is an internal developer portal used by engineering teams at rapidly growing scale-ups and publicly-traded enterprises. Its purpose is to help developers move faster and build better software via self-serve access to the knowledge and functionality they need.

Internal developer portal
Ideal Team Size
Scale-up to Large Enterprise
Onboarding Time
As fast as 10 minutes, varies based on your tool chain
Required Skills


The primary benefits of configure8 include:

  • Cataloging everything 
  • Achieving high standards
  • Accelerating velocity via self-serve actions
  • Rapid time-to-value and limited maintenance

Being able to catalog everything improves the developer experience (DevEx), from alleviating on-call stress to ramping up new hires faster. It also lays the foundation for other essential portal functionality.

Achieving high standards enables your organization to programmatically improve operational readiness, operational and development maturity, compliance with internal security standards, DORA metrics, and cloud spend efficiency.

Self-serve actions liberate developers from bottlenecks and manual ops and reduce maintenance overhead and ticket ops burden; all without sacrificing standards.

configure8 is easy to set up and maintain with no single-click integrations, YAML, manual plugin configuration, or agents required. Teams can self-populate services and dependencies via supported tools and automatically map resources to environments and services. The portal also helps reduce the risk of drift and maintains accuracy via supported tools.


With a focus on improving DevEx (and eliminating ops bottlenecks in the process), configure8 alleviates cognitive load by offering a singular platform experience. By using the portal, developers can discover essential knowledge and take actions on a self-serve basis.


configure8 is VC-backed and built by a team of engineers and leaders with backgrounds at Google, Microsoft, AWS, AOL / Yahoo!, and NASA. It exists to solve the problems its founders faced when leading a multi-thousand engineer team inside a large enterprise and scaling emerging technology companies. The company’s belief is that every team should have access to the quality of tooling previously reserved for only the largest enterprises.

configure8 main features

Universal Catalog

A complete and accurate software catalog forms the portal’s foundation. configure8’s universal catalog is capable of organizing an entire ecosystem, including all services and their dependencies, environments, clusters, resources, pipelines, metrics, owners, etc. and automatically reflects changes.

Scorecards and Analytics

Organizations can achieve high standards by leveraging configure8's knowledge explorer to help inform standards.  configure8’s scorecards can codify standards into initiatives that (1) measure the team’s compliance with over 40 metrics (and growing) and (2) provide developers with an at-a-glance understanding of what needs to be done to improve and provide optics for management. All of this can be done programmatically with no need to write scripts, maintain spreadsheets, or chase people down.

Self-Serve Actions

Operations can be streamlined by empowering engineers to scaffold a new service and directly manage day-2 operations related to the microservice SDLC, cloud resources, developer environments, and data engineering—all within established guardrails. When a developer takes an action, configure8 orchestrates the existing toolchain and processes.

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