Cloudify provides an Environment as a Service Technology, responsible for the lifecycle management & network services.

What is Cloudify?

Cloudify provides Environment as a Service Technology, which is responsible for the lifecycle management of applications and network services. Cloudify packages infrastructure, networking, and existing automation tools into certified blueprints.

Infrastructure Automation using ‘Environment as a Service’
Ideal Team Size
50 - 100
Onboarding Time
Required Skills
Terraform, Kubernetes, Ansible, CI/CD


Software developers need frictionless processes and quick access to infrastructure to rapidly deliver new features. However, providing access to infrastructure with no sufficient control results in IT waste, including costly cloud security breaches and skyrocketing infrastructure costs. This is not acceptable for most organizations, especially in highly regulated industries. The deep integration of Cloudify components (catalog, flow manager, etc.) enables developers to manage their own cloud environments in non-production environments while enabling DevOps teams to dramatically accelerate infrastructure provisioning. 


Cloudify features different domains as part of one common CI/CD pipeline, intent-based modeling, and Day-2 operation engines. Cloudify’s Day- 2 operations focus on maintaining, monitoring, and optimizing the system throughout the lifecycle.

Using the Cloudify console, users are able to import existing automation templates and scripts, which automatically convert into environments. The environments can be exported to ServiceNow which enables users to deploy, continuously manage and maintain them as part of workflows.

Cloudify’s unique open-source platform features a powerful service composition engine with out-of-the-box integrations for all cloud environments and existing toolchains. Cloudify's built-in integrations allow applications to efficiently run across multiple cloud or IT infrastructures such as Kubernetes, ServiceNow, Ansible and Terraform.


Founded in 2016, Cloudify has robust financial backing from Intel Capital, VMware, BRM Group, Claridge and other leading strategic and financial investors. Cloudify has headquarters in Herzliya, Israel, and holds offices across the US and Europe. Cloudify sees the bigger picture of network service orchestration and specializes in network automation, network automation, providing service orchestration tools to claim the title of ultimate ‘orchestrator of orchestrators’.

Customers: More than 30 customers: Tier 1 Telcos, F-500 Enterprises, Technology OEMs.

Locations: Headquarters in Herzliya, Israel, and an office in New York, US.

Investors: BRM Capital, Claridge Israel, FTV Capital.

Main features

Cloudify provides infrastructure automation using ‘Environment as a Service’ technology to deploy and continuously manage any cloud, private data center or Kubernetes service from one central point while leveraging existing toolchains; Terraform, Ansible, and more.

  • Speed up deployments of your Test/Dev/ Production environments from your CI/CD.
  • Enable Continuous Updates (Day-2) for your Production environments.
  • Stay future-proof and manage Kubernetes clusters at scale.
  • A clean API to work on top of all your tools that can easily be used within ServiceNow.
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