A special community

From a few Meetup events, to one of the largest and most active communities in cloud native, it’s been a journey. Thank you for being a part of it.
Platform Engineering Slack

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2022 June

7K+ Signups

2022 Sep
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2023 June

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Meetup groups

28 Meetup groups in Europe, US, LATAM, EMEA, India, Australia 13K+  Members

2022 Jan
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2022 June
Platform Engineering Youtube Channel

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2022 Nov
House of Kube

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Our values

Power knowledge exchange

As a community of practice our main goal is to share, guide, educate and inform existing and potential members on Platform Engineering and its practices.

Be open and fair

We strive to empower an open and fair communication on our platform and at our events.

Be impartial

The solutions presented on our platform will be under scrutiny and presented with fairness; the community will avoid influence, bad behavior or “pay-to-play” decision-making

Support practitioners

As a community, our members and leaders will work hard to provide support to their peers through an engaged and lively network present on our platform.