DuploCloud DevOps-as-a-Service platform is cloud infrastructure automation software that enables developer self-service with continuous security and compliance

What is DuploCloud?

DuploCloud’s no-code/low-code software platform integrates popular cloud services and open-source tools, including Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, ClamAV, Wazuh and others, while DuploCloud’s patented rules-based engine speeds time-to-market by translating high-level application specifications into detailed and fully managed cloud configurations.

DevOps-as-a-Service Software
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Building and operating a secure and compliant infrastructure is challenging - capable DevOps talent is expensive and hard to find. Implementing the security controls for compliance standards like SOC 2, PCI, or HIPAA is a 6 to 12 month effort, requiring InfoSec expertise and thousands of lines of Infrastructure-as-Code. DuploCloud’s DevOps Automation Platform has built-in security and compliance to accelerate these efforts. 


DuploCloud’s software platform delivers a comprehensive solution that guarantees a secure and compliant infrastructure in as little as two weeks, automating the full DevSecOps lifecycle, including Network Infrastructure, Cloud Services, Application Deployment, Diagnostics, CI/CD, as well as offering Auditing and Reporting Capabilities. The platform installs in a VM inside your cloud account and is accessed through DuploCloud’s no-code Web UI. Those who prefer infrastructure-as-code will write 90% less with DuploCloud’s low-code terraform provider. 


The founding team at DuploCloud were among the original inventors of the Public Cloud working for Azure and AWS back in 2008, having built the platform where millions of workloads are deployed across the globe and managed with just a handful of operators. The design of DuploCloud comes from their learnings and experience in this hyper-scale environment. 

DuploCloud main features

Compliant App Deployment

DuploCloud enables modern application deployments, encouraging automation through the use of containers (Kubernetes, ECS, Azure Webapps), serverless deployments (lambda, API gateway, etc.), and ETL pipeline automation (Spark and Jupyter). Also included are updates to load balancers, auto-scaling groups, DNS, health checks, rolling upgrades and blue/green deployments.

Integrated Diagnostics

The DuploCloud platform controls the full lifecycle of the application, from setup, updates to monitoring; it can easily segregate data that is ready to consume by developers. This is further enhanced by collecting from services that interact with the application, like databases, load-balancers and virtual machines. Under the hood, DuploCloud uses Prometheus, Grafana, CloudWatch, Elasticsearch and Jaeger.

Built-in Security and Compliance

DuploCloud offer self-service to developers while automating the low-level tasks of setting up proper firewalls, security groups, access control, and installing proper tools during the provisioning of the infrastructure. Furthermore, DuploCloud’s intelligent rules-based engine automatically follows a well-architected design's guidelines as it converts an application architect’s intent into underlying resources. The platform offers out-of-the-box certification for SOC 2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, and others. DuploCloud provides a SIEM solution for those in regulated industries to validate individual compliance controls, helping you manage ongoing security and compliance.

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