Qovery empowers developers to test and release features faster with on-demand environments

What is Qovery?

Qovery is an Environment as a Service platform that empowers developers to test and release features faster with on-demand environments - in your cloud and in less than 30 minutes. Qovery is open-source, leverages Kubernetes and the managed service of each cloud provider is supported.

Environment as a Service
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Today, developers teams need to be more autonomous to rapidly deliver new features. However, providing access to infrastructure without sufficient control results in IT waste, including costly cloud security breaches and skyrocketing infrastructure costs. It is not acceptable for most organizations, especially in highly regulated industries. The deep integration of Qovery services (databases, load balancers, domains…) enables developers to manage their own cloud environments in non-production environments while enabling DevOps teams to accelerate infrastructure provisioning dramatically.


Qovery is an open-source product focusing on an outstanding Developer and DevOps Experience in one platform. From the Qovery web console, API, CLI, or Terraform Provider, Qovery is highly configurable and brings in 30 minutes a platform that helps developers and DevOps to work together without compromising velocity and security.

Qovery is built for Day-2 Operations - no maintenance required. Kubernetes and cloud services updates are managed by Qovery.


Founded in 2020, Qovery is backend by Speed Invest Ventures, Crane Ventures, and notable business angels like Alexis Le Quoc (CTO @ Datadog), Sebastien Pahl (Docker co-founder), and Ott Kaukver (CTO @ Checkout and ex-CTO Twilio).

Today, 27000+ developers and 100+ organizations in more than 100 countries use Qovery.

Qovery main features

Preview Environment

Create a complete (database included) testing environment for each Pull-Request created. The environment is fully isolated, and preview URLs are associated with trying out the new feature. When the Pull-Request is merged or closed, the environment is automatically deleted. 

Clone Environment

Instantly clones any environments in one click. Ideal for QA, testing, and demo environments. Then you can do all the tests that you need without never impacting the other environments. 

No Maintenance

Qovery manages all the upgrade related to Kubernetes and the resources deployed on your cloud providers (Load Balancers, Network, VPC…). 


Qovery is an open-source product with no lock-in.

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