Zenduty is a novel incident management, alerting and response orchestration platform

What is Zenduty?

Zenduty is a revolutionary incident and alert management platform for modern SRE, DevOps, and Support teams. Zenduty's end-to-end incident alerting, on-call management and response orchestration abilities help you institutionalize reliability into your production operations. Alert and escalate critical events to your on-call engineers via SMS, Voice Calls, Email, Slack and Teams, and rope in subject matter experts with ease and speed via fine tuned custom alert rules.

Incident Management and Alerting
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Zenduty is a modern collaborative incident management platform providing end-to-end incident alerting, on-call management and response orchestration, hoping to give teams greater control and automation over the incident management lifecycle. Zenduty is ideal for always-on services, helping teams orchestrate incident response for creating better user experiences and brand value, centralising all incoming alerts through predefined notification rules to ensure that the right people are notified at the right time.

Zenduty allows teams of all sizes to plug in any holes they have in their observability structure, ensure that they’re getting prompt alerts for any services in distress as well as track incidents end-to-end from a single pane of glass view. Zenduty helps teams meet their SLI/O/As via Alert Rules that custom route specific alerts to certain users or teams, write suppression rules, and automatically add notes, responders, and incident tasks. Users can also leverage incident playbooks to get a step-by-step walkthrough on recurring incidents, detailed analytics to ascertain what sectors need to be addressed and participate in Zenduty’s community forum of SRE and DevOps experts to help get you out of tight situations.


Zenduty was created to provide a holistic incident management and alerting platform that reduces the manual intervention required by on-call engineers at times of distress. The goal was to make the platform as developer-friendly as possible, allowing the engineers to fire-fight without jumping through hoops that other archaic solutions unwittingly employ in their products. Zenduty also makes it very easy for organisations to switch from other on-call tools via scripts that fully automate the migration procedure, solving vendor lock-in - a major hurdle when choosing incident management tooling. Zenduty offers 130+ integrations, allows users to manage an incident completely via Slack - from alert to resolution, and promises round the clock support - a service that they feel is slowly fading in most established solutions in the market.

Zenduty is still evolving, adding enterprise-friendly features while also constantly innovating to serve more modern team structures, focusing on building a turn-key product for teams of all sizes.


Zenduty was founded in 2019 to help engineering teams recover from downtime faster. Initially meant to simply be a ChatOps solution for modern workplaces, the Zenduty team realised that there was a specific use-case that they connected with the most and could focus on, i.e. incident alerting and automation. Recovering from downtime is equally tough for SRE teams of all sizes and requires multiple stakeholders across different teams to come together to solve a complex problem. Having seen incidents closely from the lenses of production engineers, support teams, business owners, and end-users, Zenduty was built with a focus on collaboration, transparency, intelligence, automation, and post-incident learning. Zenduty currently serves over 15,000 users and is free to use for small teams and young startups, as a small token to give back to the ecosystem it emerged from.

Zenduty main features

Reliable and Noiseless Alerts

Zenduty integrates with all your application performance monitoring, log monitoring, error monitoring, server monitoring, ITSM, support and security applications effortlessly. Get accurate alerts to the right teams through multiple channels - SMS, Phone, Email, Android/iOS, Slack and Microsoft Teams. We've got it all.

Frictionless incident response

Deploy industry-leading incident response procedures and resolve incidents faster through effective task delegation and collaborative triaging. Utilise customised and data-driven on-call rotations to ensure 24x7 operational coverage for major incidents.

Playbooks and Alert Rules

Bring your playbooks automatically into your incidents, log incident tasks and action items for productive postmortems and to prevent future incidents. Use Alert Rules to custom route specific alerts to certain users or teams, write suppression rules, and automatically add notes, responders, and incident tasks.

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