App Director

A solution to accelerate building modern software on Kubernetes

What is App Director?

App Director is a platform engineering solution for companies building modern software using kubernetes. App Director is a platform that enables organisations to provides developer self service and empowers your developers to create golden paths. The platform abstracts the complexity of kubernetes, allowing developers to be productive from day one with minimal knowledge. The platform easily blends into your organisation’s ecosystem and connects with your existing technology and homegrown frameworks. App Director is vendor neutral and is certified on major cloud providers (e.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Red Hat OpenShift). The solution works on-prem, hybrid or cloud and has no vendor lock-in.

Developer Self-Service DevOps Platform
Ideal Team Size
Onboarding Time
2 weeks of initial setup and training with 2 additional one week reviews after 3 and 9 months
Required Skills
DevOps team to hook into existing technology and tools


App Director enables engineering teams to move faster by providing developers with self-service functionality and the ability to deploy faster and more frequently. The platform is meant to support all aspects of an engineering team.

The platform allows DevOps teams to create golden paths for developers by creating templates that provide speed, best practices and security. DevOps teams can also manage organisation-wide CI / CD settings to mitigate software supply chain risk as well as handle access and security settings. Teams also gain insight into costing through App Director’s dashboards at a project or organisation level.

For developers, golden paths (in the form of a template catalogue) and the App Director application creation wizard abstract the complexity of creating and deploying an application on kubernetes. Developers can also test and detect early, through platform build and deployment feedback which provides pipeline logs, kubernetes events and integrations with CI/CD pipeline in a single pane-of-glass. 


App Director’s purpose is to accelerate developer productivity through self-service and to relieve the burden on DevOps teams by providing automation on repetitive tasks. The end result being, engineering teams can focus on writing great software and shipping features.

The platform strives to make application development and deployment on kubernetes easy and help reduce the lead time from ideation to production.


App Director was created through years of experience helping small to enterprise customers with their cloud migrations and modernization journey. The growing importance of kubernetes and a disconnected build and deployment tooling landscape led the Randoli team to build App Director, a platform engineering solution, to address this space.

App Director main features

Enable Golden Paths

App Director’s customizable templates,comprehensive template catalogue and CI / CD settings enable golden paths that reduce the lead time to production and provide an easy developer experience.

Shift Left

Easily view build and deployment feedback for an application along with integrations with the CI / CD pipeline in a single console.

Kubernetes Simplified

The platform provides a guided approach to deploying applications on kubernetes, allowing developers to be productive with little to no kubernetes knowledge.

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