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dyrector.io is an open-source container management platform


DevOps Platform

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dyrector.io is an open-source container management platform

What is dyrector.io?

dyrector.io is an open-source container management platform for developers to reduce infrastructure and deployment management overhead in Docker and Kubernetes. dyrector.io offers simplified deployments while maintaining the possibility for advanced users to manage configurations to eliminate the need for complex pipelines. At the same time, dyrector.io can be used as a source of truth for collaborating teams when it comes to microservices development and management. Besides substituting complex pipelines, dyrector.io allows teams and developers to browse their registries and images in one place.


dyrector.io is made for developers from developers who understand the everyday struggles of deployments and infrastructure management. 

For this reason, dyrector.io can be used with any cloud provider without a vendor lock-in. If a user decides to not use dyrector.io any further, they can export Kubernetes YAML or Docker Compose files. Whether an organisation uses any cloud provider – for example AWS, Azure or GCP – or on-premises server, they can cover delivery capabilities with dyrector.io. This means dyrector.io doesn’t provide any infrastructure. Teams can use the platform to deploy applications with their already existing infra.

The platform turns deployments a part of each team’s software development lifecycle as simple as they need them to be.

It’s mainly useful for teams with already existing CI workflows that can be integrated with the delivery utilities of dyrector.io to push the images automatedly.

The platform is beneficial for non-technical users, too. Project managers, salespeople can setup the applications in a self-service manner by simply deploying the software to the machine they’re using.


The platform’s made for developers who want to cut waste from the way they deliver value to users. While deployments don’t mean any value to users, they have to be dealt with somehow.

For developers who aren’t familiar with Docker or Kubernetes, dyrector.io offers abstracted deployments and configuration management. At the same time, DevOps staff can interact with their infrastructure on a deeper level.

dyrector.io extends CI workflows as a one-time setup CD platform by reducing the number of repeatable tasks: templating deployments and configurations for future use that can be both fully automated or triggerable for regulatory or corporate policy reasons. 


dyrector.io was originally designed for embedded use cases to simplify release management to multiple deployment targets. While these multi-instance deployments turned out to be a valuable use case, the team of dyrector.io concluded it’s rather an edge case for large enterprises. Matter of fact, the first user of dyrector.io was an enterprise deploying applications to buses around the globe.

They discovered individual developers and small developer teams face the same pain points about deployments as they do. They can’t keep track of configurations, images and registries. And obviously there’s the elephant in the room: No Deploy Fridays. So the team decided to turn dyrector.io into the delivery platform developers would like to use because their world won’t be revolving around it.

dyrector.io is still in the works as an open-source project, and the team welcomes all contributions. 

dyrector.io main features

Continuous Delivery 

CD capabilities on top of your CI workflows to push your images dropping out of your automation. 

Configuration Management 

Configure images & deployments in an abstract manner or in a JSON editor. 

Self-Service Test Instances 

Test or demo your apps in an instance by deploying them to the machine you’re using.