Developer Control Plane

Developer Portal/Service Catalog

Cycloid is a simple self-service portal designed to empower everyone, regardless of skill level, to interact with infrastructure, automation, and the cloud.


Developer Portal/Service Catalog

Developer Control Plane

Cycloid is a simple self-service portal designed to empower everyone, regardless of skill level, to interact with infrastructure, automation, and the cloud.

What is Cycloid?

Cycloid’s core offer is a user-friendly developer self-service portal that allows end-users to service their cloud and infrastructure needs autonomously. In a full GitOps approach, Cycloid allows DevOps and platform teams to save pre-configured automation parameters in a service catalog, which can then be reused in a simple self-service portal. The portal is complete with modules around deployment, operations, FinOps, and GreenOps, and is designed to modernize existing infrastructure and automate internal processes while ensuring governance and efficient use of resources. In addition to simplicity, Cycloid also provides fine-grained security guardrails for the DevOps and platform teams, as well as ways to monitor cloud consumption and cloud carbon footprint. 

The portal helps support the three main pillars for sustainable software development: Improving the end-user experience for the team (people), future-proofing infrastructure (profit), and optimizing cloud usage (profit + planet). This results in a faster and more stable ROI for exec teams, fewer tickets for platform teams, and happier end-users and developers.


Cycloid’s developer self-service portal aims to empower end-users to interact with tools, cloud, and automation without the need for time-consuming DevOps intervention. The service catalog Stacks allows users to reproduce automation parameters across environments encouraging best practice and compliance in a full GitOps approach.

These parameters can be reused in a simple, user-friendly developer self-service. End-users simply select the service, customize variables, and hit deploy - all without tickets and supervision. The portal is decked out with a cloud cost and resource estimation, allowing end-users to see the financial and environmental impact of their deployments. This information is centralized on the user dashboard, as well as in the FinOps module, allowing the executive team to keep track of their spending and resource usage. 

Cycloid supports most aspects of software development including governance, observability, FinOps, and GreenOps, to make it sustainable for business, people, and the planet. Cycloid helps modernize and streamline the infrastructure. It changes the way end-users interact with it to prepare the business for any change and deliver a sustainable return on investment.


Sustainable platform engineering is Cycloid’s goal. Beyond simply being “green”, it means creating a platform that’s going to last and deliver stable ROI for years to come. 

Cycloid accelerates platform engineering adoption and brings organizations closer to the future of software development, with its centralized internal developer portal featuring a self-service core — that doesn’t compromise on quality.

For execs, this means faster ROI and a secure future. For platform and DevOps teams - a stable platform enforcing DevOps best practices and reducing the number of Ops tickets. For end-users, it releases cognitive load and pressure from interacting with clouds and tools, bringing the focus back to their primary mission. This platform benefits everyone in the organization and speeds up software development.


Cycloid has been helping businesses improve operational efficiency and developer experience since 2015. Cycloid’s founder Benjamin Brial, a former BizDev at RedHat, saw the need to simplify and centralize developer tools in the rising complexity of the IT world. Originally Cycloid was founded with a focus on DevOps and hybrid cloud, helping organizations enforce DevOps best practices, upskill and break down silos, and create automation in a hybrid cloud approach. The simple self-service portal tied all these pieces together, creating a centralized platform for handling automation and increasing transparency between teams. 

As the company grew, more modules on governance, observability, and, most importantly, FinOps + GreenOps were added. Raising awareness of the cloud’s impact on the environment is one of Cycloid’s goals so it was important to develop a tool to help companies understand their cloud carbon footprint. 

Today Cycloid continues to help enforce DevOps best practices and the philosophy of end-user empowerment, transparency, and infrastructure automation in a sustainable platform engineering approach. 

Cycloid main features


An easy-to-use self-service developer portal that empowers end-users of any skill level to build and deploy environments through a simple interface, while DevOps and Platform teams set fine-grained governance in the background. 

Infra import

A “Reverse Terraform” generator that imports existing infrastructure to Infra-as-Code and creates configuration templates (Stacks) for easy management and deployment. 

Cloud cost management

A built-in FinOps module that centralizes cloud cost data across all cloud providers in a single panel view, along with carbon footprint data that can be filtered by project, region, date, provider, tag, etc.