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DevOps Platform
Accelerate the development of high-code software, backend, event-driven APIs and Microservices

DevOps Platform

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Accelerate the development of high-code software, backend, event-driven APIs and Microservices

What is devprime?

Devprime is a software engineering platform that allows you to accelerate the development of software and digital products by democratizing the development of microservices. Stack offers a complete software architecture design, standardizing development, simplifying maintainability, and increasing productivity. The devprime platform aims to provide developer tools for a modern software architecture project, it also provides accelerators for production-ready code implementations like, APIs, security, stream communication, state persistence, services to services call, health check, observability (log, distributed trace, metrics), retry, circuit breaker and resilience all these features help to speed up and simplify the development of distributed systems.


The devprime platform offers software foundation components and accelerators as an engineering platform, to democratize the modern development of complex applications allowing the development of the first cloud-native microservice.

The core tools of this platform are the devprime CLI (Command-line interface) or “dp” and the devprime stack.

The devprime stack is a smart behavior stack of features built in inside every application created by the devprime CLI. Together they  accelerate the Developer Experience (DX) by simplifying the developer journey from standardized onboarding and following good software development practices. with common production-ready functionality.

The applications created by the devprime cli and the devprime stack are based on a hexagonal software architecture approach with event-driven and domain-driven design (DDD) practices, they automatically orchestrate many important decisions within adapters such as observability (Log, Distributed Trace, Metrics)  according to the OpenTelemetry pattern. They also expose web APIs, enable security integration with identity providers, give access through State adapters for persistence in most often used repository technologies like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and add async Stream integration with Kafka, RabbitMQ, and other technologies.


The devprime platform has an innovative approach to software architecture with a focus on the Software Developer experience, unblocking common barriers in modern software development and microservices applications in addition to providing gains in productivity, maintainability and software quality allowing for continuous evolution with updates to devprime stack components and related strategies.

Software engineers use the devprime platform as an engineering platform solution specialized in software developer productivity and application architecture quality, high scalability, and high-performance scenarios with built-in functionalities for distributed systems. All these features are automatic and standardized within all devprime applications, which help to accelerate the team’s time-to-market and scalability once they start to work with the main software development technologies and modern practices in the market.


The devprime platforme has begun in 2021 as a SaaS platform for software developers and it was born from a spin-off from an internal product developed inside the 2PC company. The idea is based on modern software strategies that 2PC used software architecture to design complex software projects within billions of companies and over 25 years of software market.

Devprime platform main features

Command line interface tool (CLI)

Developers speed diary tasks up due to CLI automation that implements regular basis implementation following widely adopted patterns in the industry, saving time and enforcing standardization of your code base.

Modern software architecture with evolutionary components

A modern software architecture project allows software engineers access to a standardized strategy for application development, allowing maintenance and testability in addition to the reuse of business rules.

Built-in Stack with smart behaviors 

Every devprime application has by default smart behaviors for distributed systems like Observability including logs, trace, and metrics. There are also resilient routines like retry and circuit break for: databases, stream communication, or external API calls.

When it comes to Stream-out delivery errors, the devprime stack has automatic fallbacks and when it comes to Stream-in errors, the users can define if they want to reject or not each event based on business considerations.