Okay is a flexible analytics platform for engineering teams

What is Okay?

Okay brings all engineering data into one place and removes the need to set up an analytics pipeline by combining ingestion, modeling, and exploration in a single platform. With dozens of pre-made dashboards such as DORA metrics and developer experience metrics, engineering leaders get immediate insight into team performance. This enables teams and leaders to better understand velocity, quality issues, and blockers.

Engineering Analytics
Ideal Team Size
50 engineers or more
Onboarding Time
30-60 days
Required Skills


Okay is a flexible analytics tool for engineering leaders to create custom dashboards and report on any metric they define. Okay seamlessly integrates with all developer tools like Jira, GitHub, PagerDuty, and many more. 

Since every organization and team have unique metrics and use cases, Okay built a SQL-like query builder which enables users to customize each query and report on anything they care about. This is especially useful for teams as they scale and adapt to their specific needs.

Okay enables developers and leaders to be more engaged and productive, and is quickly adopted by top companies.


Okay was created to be the most flexible and customizable engineering analytics tool. It was built on solid foundations focusing on team signals instead of individual monitoring, with a main objective to enable engineering leaders to run high-performing and happy teams. Users get the same amount of querying power they would expect from an APM or telemetry tool. 

Okay’s goal is to be a unified platform for all engineering data coming from developer tools or custom data warehouses. With presets, templates, and a powerful query builder, Okay gives users a fully connected model to visualize team data, identify blockers, and make informed decisions.


In a world where engineering teams and tools are more distributed than ever before, getting the right visibility into critical areas is now crucial. Both Okay founders (Antoine Boulanger and Tomas Barreto) had first hand experience as engineering leaders at Box, Google, and Checkr solving this exact problem. Their challenge was finding a solution to not only provide a proper starting place in terms of KPIs to measure; but  that also allowed them enough flexibility to build custom queries on top of their engineering data. 

As mentioned, the goal of this platform is to unlock visibility into core engineering workflows, processes, and data, so leaders can make data-driven decisions in the best interest of their developers AND their business. 

Okay main features

Developer productivity insights

Discover the top bottlenecks affecting your team. Build dashboards covering all aspects of engineering productivity, from DORA Metrics to the most specific steps of your software development lifecycle.

Custom query builder 

Connect and automatically ETL all of your DevOps data and custom metrics. Treat all your developer tools as a unified queryable database connected to your team structure. Build custom defined metrics and query with our query builder. 

Engineering operations

Build comprehensive reports on where your team's time is going and on which area to invest in next. Stay on top of incidents and display all your engineering KPIs in one place, without cumbersome spreadsheets and manual processes.

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