Monitoring & Logging Plane


Logilica brings visibility to engineering leaders and their platform teams.



Monitoring & Logging Plane

Logilica brings visibility to engineering leaders and their platform teams.

What is Logilica?

Logilica brings end-to-end visibility to product engineering leaders and their platform teams. Designed as a platform engineering radar, Logilica automatically tracks engineering velocity, DORA metrics and delivery flow bottlenecks.


Logilica is a data-analytics solution tailored to software engineering and platform teams. 

By automatically mining and fusing insights from platforms such as Jira, GitHub, GitLab, and Humanitec, Logilica assists engineering leaders with managing teams and their product delivery processes. 

Logilica is widely recognized for their out-of-the-box insights as well as their full customisation capabilities. The platform comes with baked-in metrics around engineering velocity and lead-time, throughput flow and delivery bottlenecks as well as engineering risks such as delays, overloaded developers, or missing reviews. For platform teams Logilica’s integration with tools such as Humanitec includes DORA metrics out of the box. 

Engineering leaders use Logilica as the data-driven management platform for their product delivery pipeline and to stay on top of their distributed team activities. Agile teams use Logilica’s built-in stand-up and retrospective manager to stay on top of daily tasks and improve their delivery cadence. 

As Logilica is built from the ground up as an engineering-focussed data-analytics platform it often eliminates the need to build and maintain yet another home-grown dashboarding solution. 

At times Logilica’s feature rich cross-cutting use cases for users from developers to management can be a bit overwhelming, but recent progress to standardize around flow engineering views has helped. Also, as new versions are regularly released it seems that the website and parts of the documentation lack behind.  


The focus of Logilica is to manage visibility across the product delivery pipelines and the engineering teams involved. As such Logilica targets organisations that are moving to more data-driven decision-making processes. A key differentiator to general BI and dashboarding solutions is that Logilica simplifies the initial onboarding experience through first-class connectors that deliver out-of-the-box charts, metrics, and reporting dashboards. Logilica speaks to engineers with evidence-driven drilldowns and context information around tickets, pull requests and build/deployment data. By default, Logilica’s insights focus on flow engineering concept such as: What is the velocity, what are the bottlenecks, where are the risks? It aggregates information for different stakeholders and gives their enterprise customers access to full customization capabilities.


Logilica was designed by engineering leaders from Synopsys/Coverity and Intel who experienced the pain of staying on top of fast-moving and remote working delivery teams and their platform pipelines. The company is boot-strapped through their large enterprise customers.

Logilica’s main features

Out-of-the-box engineering insights 

A key feature of Logilica is the ease of getting started by supporting standard integrations with tools such as Jira, GitHub/GitLab or Humanitec. Metrics, charts, and dashboards are produced fully automatically and include historical data where it is available. This leads to fast onboarding and insights that are visible from day one.

Data-driven management through chains of evidence 

Unlike BI tools or custom solutions Logilica provides rich engineering context and evidence-driven drilldowns from top-level metrics, to outliers, to concrete data such as the actual pull request, deployment or Jira issue. This simplifies communication across teams and helps to understand how to improve processes

Platform first and enterprise scale

Logilica empowers their top tier customers to bring their own data sources, define their own metrics and add their own dashboards for company-specific reporting. Logilica achieves this through web APIs and a fully-fledged data-analytics interface. Together with their access control models and dedicated cloud instances it provides a path for organisations to grow and scale.