January 13, 2023
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Announcing PlatformCon 2023

PlatformCon 2023 is going to be huge. Here’s everything you need to know about the biggest and brightest platform engineering conference of the year.

PlatformCon 2023 is live! The platform engineering community is thrilled to bring back this virtual conference by and for platform engineers for its second year on June 8th/9th.

PlatformCon 2022 boasted over 6k attendees from around the world and 78 community-created talks from platform leaders like Team Topologies co-author Manuel Pais and OpenCredo CEO/CTO Nicki Watt. We dove into trending topics like cognitive load and DevEx, product management best practices for your platform, and finding the right level of abstraction for your setup.

Attendees can watch all talks at their own pace or join the live virtual kickoff events for their region. Speakers will be available for Q&A on the Platform Engineering Slack channel during the conference. 

This year, we’re also introducing new and improved conference tracks, including:


Learn from practitioners who built platforms for real-life enterprise use cases. These talks showcase the platform journey – from initial steps to building it and rolling it out across the engineering organization.


Dive deep into the technical backbone of developer platforms. This track explores how platform teams solve specific problems with specific tools – from Kubernetes to IaC, service catalogs and GitOps. 


Explore tried and true platform blueprints and reference architectures. These talks uncover key design considerations and explore how to effectively combine tools for your developer platform.


Developer platforms don’t live in a vacuum. They are built by engineers for other engineers. This track discusses the cultural aspects of platform engineering, from product management to relating this discipline to DevOps and SRE.


Discover the impact and business value platform engineering initiatives deliver. Hear C-level perspectives on how their platform impacted key metrics and practitioners on how they secured buy-in from relevant stakeholders.

PlatformCon 2023 is going to be huge! 🚀 Sign up today and be the first to get updates on new speakers, opportunities to get involved, and in-person meetups. And if you’re a platform expert, leader, or practitioner,  submit your talk proposal to share your insights with the community! The call for proposals is open through February 28th.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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